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Balloon Animals

Staten Island Balloon Animals!

If you have ever been to a child’s birthday party, street fair, or private party you have probably see balloon sculptures making balloon animals.

Binx the clown is one of Staten Island’s Best balloon sculptures and has gathered some of Staten Island’s best balloonists to perform at events.

chances are if your booking a balloonist for your party event your going to want the best Staten Island balloon animals,

that’s why our balloonist make an array of balloons ranging from from Elmo’s to butterfly wings, to extraordinary  Balloon hats! We offer the best!

Balloon Animals Staten Island

Our Staten island balloon animal balloonists have been entertaining both children and adults since 1999, they have completed over hundreds of parties for both private and corporate party’s.

Our balloon animal makers have completed shows for: IKEA, T-Mobile, Vontage, Health First, Health Plus, Million Dollar Listing, Ronald Mc Donald House and much more.

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Binx the clown
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