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Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy machine rentals Staten Island

For over 15 years Binx has been providing amazing entertainment for a great price we want to spread that to cotton candy machine rentals in Staten Island! Are you looking for the freshest, Tastiest cotton candy for your party event?  Binx now offers cotton candy machine rentals in Staten Island for all event types and themes.  All of our cotton candy machines are clean, well maintained and provide delicious freshly made cotton candy.

In fact Binx has employed his own candy professionals to make custom sugar cotton candy that only we provide!

Staten Island Cotton candy machines rentals.

If you want delightful cotton candy for your event, give us a call today.

At Binx da clown we are number one in providing amazing Staten Island cotton candy machine rentals, our machines are clean and well maintained, we provide cotton candy machines for events like birthday parties, communions, and corporate parties. Book now and reserve you cotton candy today.


  • Comes With a professional attendant!
  • Our attendant will arrive at your event 15 minutes early to set up the Cotton Candy machine, once the machine is set the attendant will then start to make the candy.
  • 100% Kosher!
  • Each cotton candy takes 1-2 Minutes to make.
  • Unlimited Supplies for the time reserved!
  • 7 Different flavor available upon request: Cherry, Grape, Raspberry, Orange, Vanilla, Blueberry, Grape.

We have Provided cotton candy for: T-Mobile, Vonage, Health First, Health Plus, Ronald Mc Donald House and much more.

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