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Sno-Cone Machine

Staten Island Sno-Cone Machine Rentals


Binx now offers amazing Sno-Cone Machine rentals and food treats! If your throwing a block party on a warm summer day or looking to have a icy cold treat for your event sno-cone machine makers are the way to go! Delicious, Fun, and affordable Sno-cones will bring a smile to your guests and family’s faces. We have now spread the same values of quality, amazing and affordable Entertainment to all of the Fun Foods we offer, as well and the arts and crafts and add-ons that we now provide.

Sno-Cone Machine rentals NYC

When we first decided to begin our adventure into providing other services such as Sno-Cones Popcorn, Cotton candy and other fun stuff we Tried to figure out away that our customers could benefit from our values of quality and affordable services. so we scouted our competitors and found out that parents who were trying to rent sno-cone machines and other types of entertainment were being ripped off by other rental companies One of our competitors is even charging $250.00 for a 2 hour sno-cone machine rental so we decided that people should not be taken advantage of! that’s why or pricing reflects how much should actually be spent on this rental.

Sno-Cone machines are great for many other events as well such as . We have also provided Snow Cones for many other organizations Such as

Looking for our Staten Island Snocone pricing check that below, we also offer man other concessions such as candy carts, chocolate fountains, and cotton candy machines.


  • Comes With a professional attendant.
  • Guaranteed Freshness!
  • Our attendant will arrive at your event 15 minutes early to set up the popcorn machine, once the machine is set the attendant will then start making popcorn.
  • Each batch of SNO CONES takes 3-4 minutes to make
  • Unlimited Servings for the time reserved!
  • You Choose the flavor’s. Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Orange.

We have provided entertainment and Foods for: IKEA, T-Mobile, Vonage, Health First, Health Plus, Million Dollar Listing, Ronald Mc-Donald House and much more.


You Can View Staten Island Sno-Cones pricing below


You can also Include Any of  these add-ons



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